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Thursday, September 11
1:00 – 5:30 p.m. Registration
1:30 – 3:25 p.m. Panel Sesion, Session 1
3:30 – 5:25 p.m.   Session 2
Friday, September 12
9:30 a.m. Registration opens
10:00 a.m. – 11:55 p.m. Panel Session, Session 3 a-b
12:00 – 1:00 p.m.   Lunch
1:00 – 3:55 p.m.
1:00 – 4:25 p.m. 
Panel Session
Japan and Korea Congress
4:30 – 6:00 p.m.  General meeting
6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Congress reception at B’s Dining
Saturday, September 13
9:00 a.m. Registration opens
9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Session 4
12:30 – 1:30 p.m.  Lunch
1:30 – 5:30 p.m. Plenary Session

Panel Session
Date September 11 (Thu) 13:30-15:25
Panel Title Technology Transfer and Business Development in East Asia during the
Long Nineteenth Century
Organizer David Sicilia University of Maryland
Chair Joel Glassman University of Missouri‐St. Louis
Discussant Shigeru Matsushima Tokyo University of Science
Panelists David Sicilia University of Maryland The Role of Trading Companies and Multinationals in Western Technology Transfer toEast Asia
Myungsoo Kim Keimyung University Sangryong Han's role of the Transfer of Banking Expertise from Japan to Korea
William Steele International Christian University The Transfer of 'Jinriki-sha' (Rikisha) from Japan to East and South East Asia
Jeffer Daykin Portland Community College The Transfer of the Exposition Form from Europe to Japan and China
Date September 12 (Fri) 10:00-11:55
Panel Title Convergence or Divergence? : Recent Currents and Methods in Business History Studies
Organizer Ayumu Banzawa Osaka University
Takafumi Kurosawa Kyoto University
Minoru Shimamoto Hitotsubashi University
Julia Yongue Hosei University
Chair Minoru Shimamoto Hitotsubashi University
Julia Yongue Hosei University
Discussant Matthias Kipping York University Schulich School of Business, Toronto background paper1
background paper2

Julia Yongue Hosei University
Ayumu Banzawa Osaka University
Makiko Hino Doshisha University
Hiroko Sadatoh Osaka University
Dan Wadhwani University of the Pacific
Takafumi Kurosawa Kyoto University
Date September 12 (Fri) 10:00-11:55
Panel Title Technology Transfer, Education and the State: Shibusawa Eiichi's entrepreneurial activities in the late 19th and the early 20th century
Organizer David Wittner Utica College
Chair Gil Latz Indiana-Purdue University
Discussant Hiroshi shimizu Hitotsubashi University
Panelists Zisu Liang Kansai University Shibusawa Eiichi's View of the State as Embodied in His Business Concepts
David Wittner Utica College From Machines to Systems : The Evolution of Technology Transfer in meiji Japan
Ryutaro Yamafuji Yokohama City University Private Business and Public Commercial Education in Early-Modern Japan : Shibusawa Eiichi and Public Senior Commercial Schools
Yuki Yamauchi Doshisha University The Role of Entrepreneurs for Modern Japanese Women's Education
Date September 12 (Fri) 13:00-14:55
Panel Title Beyond Anglo-American Capitalism: Shibusawa Eiichi's Gappon Capitalism in Future Global Perspective
Organizer Masakazu Shimada Bunkyo Gakuin University
Chair Masato Kimura Research Department at the Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation
Discussant Leslie Hannah London School of Economics
Panelists John Sagers Linfield College Shibusawa Eiichi and the Jitsugyoka : Defining the Role of the Entrepreneur in Modern Japanese Capitalism
Kazuhiro Tanaka Hitotsubashi University Public Interest First, Private Profit Second : The Essence of Shibusawa's Doctrine
Patrick Fridenson Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris Public-Private Connections and Boundaries : From Shibusawa Eichii's Experience to a Global Historical Perspective
Janet Hunter London School of Economics Obtaining Wealth by Fair Means : Shibusawa Eiichi and Business Morality
Date September 13 (Sat) 9:30-11:00
Panel Title Competition and Cooperation : The Role of Zaikai in Modern Japanese Economic Development
Organizer Peter von Steden Bristol Business School
Chair Masato Kimura Research Department at the Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation
Discussant Sinji Sugayama Tohoku Gakuin University
Panelists Peter von Steden Bristol Business School Leader and Facilitator : Dan Takuma, the Industrial Club of Japan and
Economic Growth in the 1920s
Masataka Matsuura Rikkyo University The Role of Zaikai in Prewar Japanese Society from the Viewpoint of Globalization
Jae-Won Sun Pyeongtaek University Employer's Labor Thought in Pre-war Japan
Date September 13 (Sat) 11:00-12:30
Panel Title Chinese Family Business in Transition : Case Studies in Taiwan and Hong Kong
Ching-fang Chang
University of Hong Kong
Chair Jenn-hwan Wang National Chengcji University
Discussant Syunsuke Nakaoka Kokushikan University
Panelists Ching-fang Chang The University of Hong Kong Competition and Cooperation : Case Studies of Chinese Family Business in Hong Kong
Jenn-hwan Wang
Han-yo Wu
National Chengcji University Social capital and the emergence of Taiwan's Pharmaceutical Industry
Yi-Chih Huang National Applied Research Laboratories, Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center From OEM to Giant: an organizational Innovation perspective

Name Title
September 11 (Thu) 13:30-15:25 / Government and Business
Chair Harm G.Schroter Bergen University
Discussant Gen Endo Daito Bunka University
Kumiko Koyama Nagasaki University Case Study on Change in American Food-safety Policy from the Perspective of Government-Business Relationship
Julia Yongue Hosei University Business, Health Policy and the Creation of a New Disease: Japan's "French Connection" to the Global Vaccine Industry
Qing Lu Hull University Bounded Reliability of Multinational Companies and Governance Mechanisms Adopted by Host Governments: The Case of the Maltese Government : Barclays Bank Relations 1975-1979
Patarapong Intarakumnerd National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies Evolution of Thai Automotive Sector: Implications for Technology Management and Policies
September 11 (Thu) 15:30-17:25 / Corporate Strategy
Chair Matthias Kipping York University, Schulich school of Business, Toronto
Discussant Hiroyuki Okamuro Hitotsubashi University
Stefania Lottanti University of Zurich More Competition, More Direct Sourcing? : Exploring Direct Trading Relationships between Large Retailers and Manufacturers in Japan, 1990-2005 Cancelled
Shinichiro Terasaki Waseda University Affective Value : The Growth Driver in Swiss Watch industry
Kenichi Miyata Meiji University Corporate Transformation and Managerial Visaction : A Comparative Study of General Electric and Westinghouse in the Postwar Period
Mary Quek University of Hertfordshire The International Hotel Development in the 1960s : a Cooperation Perspective
September 11 (Thu) 15:30-17:25 / Inter-firm Relationships
Chair Patrick Fridenson EHESS
Discussant Akira Kudo University of Tokyo
Jeffrey Yost University of Minnesota The Early History of U.S. Inter-Firm Organizational Cooperation with Computer Security
Florian Woltering Aachen University Between Competition and Cooperation : The German Rental Car Business after World War 2
Harm G. Schroter Bergen University Competition and Cooperation or Why Was Japan Not Included into the International Dyestuffs Cartel 1929-1939 : A New Explanation Based on Communication Theory
Jurien Brault Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Before Your Fountains : Import Substitution, Oil Quotas and Rent Seeking in France from the 1920's to the 1970's Cancelled
September 13 (Sat) 9:30-11:00 / Knowledge Flows and Business Development
Chair Leslie Hannah London School of Economics
Discussant Tomoko Hashino Kobe University
Stig Tenold Norwegian School of Economics,Bergan From Cogs to Containerships : Organisational and Technological Revolutions in Shipping
Sumiyo Nishizaki London School of Economics Migration Back to Japan : Post-war Economic Experiences of Electrical Engineers from South Manchuria Railway and Manchuria Electric Company, 1945-1985
Patnaree Srisuphaolarn Thammasat University The Bridge between Two Cities : The Roles of Thai Merchants in Linking Japanese Rnterprises and the Development of Thai Capitalism during and after the WWII
September 13(Sat) 11:30-12:30 / Corporate Governance
Chair Takeshi Yuzawa Gakushuin University
Discussant Makoto Kasuya University of Tokyo
Leslie Hannah London School of Economics Corporations,Private Companies and Limited partnerships : A Comparison of Japan, the US, Germany, France, Switzerland and the UK,1910-1970
Hyun Jong Kim Korea Economic Research Institute A Historical Review on the Ownership Structure and the Corporate Governance of Korean Business Groups
Balazs Vaszkun Corvinus University of Budapest 50 + 50 years in Management around the World : Competition and Cooperation in Hungary, in Japan and in the United States

September 13(Sat)Afternoon Session
Plenary Session 13:30-17:30 S-0504
New Horizons in Business History
Hideaki Miyajima (Waseda University)
13:30-13:50 Introduction
Introduction: Problem presentation
Nobuo Kawabe (Bunkyo Gakuin University)

13:50-15:10 Keynote Speech 
50 Years and the Future of Business History in Japan
Takeo Kikkawa (Hitotsubashi University)

Business History in Europe:Trends and Challenges
Harm G.Schroter (Bergen University)

Space and Time: Multinational Enterprise, Finance, and the Costs of Distance
Mira Wilkins (Florida International University)

Growth of Korean Enterprises and Business History in Korea
Young-Ryeol Park (Yonsei University)

15:10-15:40 Discussant
Takeshi Abe (Kokushikan University)
Patrick Fridenson (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales)
Janet Hunter(London School of Economics)
Etsuo Abe(Meiji Univesity)
15:40-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-17:15 Q&A
17:15-17:30 Summing up
Nobuo Kawabe (Bunkyo Gakuin University)