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Early Registration for the 50th Congress of the BHSJ begins
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The 50th Congress of the Business History Society of Japan
Dear Colleagues,

The timetables for the English session and English panel session at the 50th Congress of the Business History Society of Japan are now available on the event website. We encourage you to check the timetables for details.

Full paper submissions

As explained earlier, we ask that you please submit your paper to by 31 July 2014. The final version of your paper should not exceed 3500–4000 words (15–17 pages).

Registration and payment

Please refer to the information on the following website and complete the procedures as soon as possible.

Participants receive a discount on the registration fees if they register during the early registration period, which ends on 31 July 2014. However, participants who register after 31 July will need to pay the full registration fees on the day of the event. We thus ask that you complete the registration payment procedure before the end of the early registration period.



Founded in 1964, the Business History Society of Japan will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2014. The general session on the main theme, titled “New Horizons in Business History,” will bring together renowned researchers from Japan, Europe, the United States, and Asia to give keynote lectures on challenges facing the discipline and ideal approaches for future progress.

Given that the upcoming Congress is the 50th in the organization’s history and that globalization continues to play an increasingly powerful role in the realm of research, the BHSJ has decided to schedule English sessions on each of the three days. With a scope that encompasses the socioeconomic environment of the entire world, these English sessions will look at why and how “competition and cooperation” within companies, between companies, between companies and government, between companies and other social organizations, and between countries have changed. The BHSJ invites submissions of not only individual, independent papers but also session-specific reports, as well.