The European Business History Association (EBHA)

The European Business History Association (EBHA) was established at the end of 1994 as the professional body for individuals interested in the historical development of business and management in Europe from the earliest time to the present day.
EBHA is a thriving Association of scholars, students and practitioners interested in the history of business organizations and entrepreneurs, in their evolution, in their contribution to economic growth and impact on society as a whole. As historians, we are eager to connect with people working in the broader realm of all social sciences and humanities irrespective of specific historical periodization.

EBHA is a European organization, but since its beginnings it has involved scholars from all over the World, interested in a wide variety of research topics. Over the past two decades, EBHA has reached out to organize joint-congresses with sister associations in the USA and Japan and has sponsored the World Congress for Business History.


The Business History Society of Japan (BHSJ)

The Business History Society of Japan (BHSJ) was founded in November 1964. The initial membership stood at 257 in September 1965 but has steadily expanded and now boasts approximately 800 members. As one of the 210 council members of the Science Council of Japan, BHSJ is expected to report its activities to the public as well as its members. The founders established the BHSJ to explore and understand the features of Japanese companies, which were becoming increasingly present in world markets during the high growth period (mid-1950s to 1973). Professors Yoshitaro Wakimura and Keiichiro Nakagawa played a significant role in its establishment. Wakimura, who began research on business history in the prewar days, is considered to be a pioneer in the field. Nakagawa was one of the first researchers to introduce methodologies to Japan for the study of business history, which were developed in the United States in the 1960s, and opened up a new research area, comparative business history. BHSJ members continue to build on the seminal work of the founders as well as present and publish new research.
Since its inception, BHSJ has published an academic journal, Japanese Business History Review (経営史学) in Japanese. The association also began publishing Japanese Yearbook on Business History in 1984 with the main purpose of actively disseminating the results of its research overseas. In 2004, the title was changed to Japanese Research in Business History (JRBH). The publication of the journal was supported by a publishing grant from the Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation.



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