Session Guidelines

Session format

Individual sessions are scheduled for 55 minutes (followed by a 5-minute break).

There are three types of session formats:

  • 4-paper session: each speaker has 7 minutes
  • 3-paper session: each speaker has 9 minutes.
  • 5-paper session: each speaker has 8 minutes (sessions are 70 minutes long).

**There is no session scheduled after 5-paper sessions, so participants can remain in the room longer after the scheduled end time.

Discussants will have a total of 8 minutes to provide comments and feedback. The remaining time is left for presenters’ responses, questions, and general discussion. All attendees are invited to participate in the debate.

Guidelines for all participants

During the session, you are requested to manage Zoom settings:

  • Ensure you mute your microphone and stop your video
  • It would be helpful and appreciated to indicate your Zoom username (display name) as below,
    Speaker: session number_name (affiliation)
    e.g.) Z01_ Ludovic Cailluet (EDHEC)
    Session Chair: [Chair] name (affiliation)
    e.g.) Chair: Minoru Sawai (Nanzan Univ.)
    Session Discussant: [Discussant] name (affiliation)
    e.g.) Discussant: Andrea H. Schneider (GUG)
    Audience: your name
    e.g.) Takafumi Kurosawa
  • Please note – you are not permitted to record the sessions

How to ask questions during and after sessions

Ask questions during the session using the “chat,” but also live during the discussion at the end of the session.

The zoom-rooms will stay open for a little while after the session. This will allow you to ask other questions, continue the discussion, and exchange information.

Guidelines for Presenters


  1. Please upload your full or draft paper in PDF format to the congress website latest by August 20, 2021.
  2. If you are unable to submit a full or draft paper, please submit an extended abstract or your presentation slides (in PDF format) by the same deadline.
  3. Uploads of extended abstracts or full/draft paper should range between 2,000 and 12,000 words, including references, appendix, etc.
  4. If a full paper, please include an abstract of no more than 200 words at the beginning.
  5. A link for paper upload was sent to you on July 29, 2021. If you have lost the link, please contact the WCBH Program Committee (

Presentation slides

A technical assistant is allocated to each session. Send your presentation slides to the technical assistant whom you can find in your last email regarding your session BEFORE your session starts, to ensure that there are no disruptions due to bad connections, etc.

During the session

  • Please indicate your Zoom username (display name) as explained in “Session Guidelines.”
  • Please keep your presentation within the time limits established by the chairperson of the session.
  • The presentation slides can be shared by a tech assistant in the event of any technical issues arise.

If, for any reason, you are unable to participate in the congress, please inform the chair of your session as soon as possible.

Guidelines for Chairs

Chairing the session means to – as usual – keep a strong eye on the timing and ensure your presenters stay within the maximum time allocated to their presentation.

To Share Slides during a Session

Once a session starts, a room supporter will authorize chair/s (and organizers if required) as co-host/s. Then, chairs would be able to manage the room setting of sharing screens, muting participants, and so on.

Roles of chairs

  • Read papers to be presented in advance of the session
  • Ensure that the session starts and ends on time
  • Introduce the discussant, each presenter and their papers
  • Enforce time limits on the presenters and the discussant
  • Collect questions posed in the meeting chat and assist in addressing these to presenters
  • After all presentations are completed, unmute yourself, ask the discussant to provide comments and start the question period. If there are not many questions, feel free to ask some of your own.
  • Finalize the official session in a timely manner, to enable participants to move to the next session.
    **The zoom-rooms will stay open for a little while to allow participants to exchange information.

Technical support will be provided to each session by our Japanese colleagues.

Guidelines for Discussants

A discussant has 8 minutes to provide comments and feedback on the presented papers. As a discussant, you may wish to draw on your personal expertise or views in commenting on papers.

Role of discussants

  • Read papers to be presented in advance of the session
  • Prepare analytical commentaries on the significance and contribution of the papers
  • Synthesize and summarize the papers presented and involve, if possible, the session topic, methodologies, and/or the impact of the research.
  • Raise questions and provide comments relevant to the presenters’ research to set the context for the general discussion that follows.
  • Respect the time constraints set by the chairperson.

Guidelines for Session and Roundtable Organizers

Sessions such as panels and roundtables, labeled as “workshop” in the program, have to be carefully managed by organizers prior to the conference. These sessions have the same time allocation as individual sessions, 55 minutes. As the organizer, you have the following role and responsibilities.

Roles and responsibilities of the Organizers

  • Monitor preparations of your session participants to ensure that your session participants are well prepared.
  • Make sure that your participants register to attend the conference.
  • Keep the program committee informed of changes to your session (

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