2nd World Congress on Business History

Welcome to #WCBH2021

Thank you for attending the 2nd World Congress of Business History, a cooperation between the 24th Congress of the European Business History Association (EBHA) and the International Congress of the Business history Society of Japan (BHSJ). We hope you will benefit from exploring the general theme of the congress “Business History in a Changing World”, participating in discussions on a wide variety of new studies and topics, and connecting with colleagues while expanding your global research network.
Let’s enjoy the WCBH!

About WCBH

The World Congress of Business History (WCBH) is a global conference that gathers business historians from across the world to discuss and disseminate research on vital topics in business history, to help foster the field in various countries and to grow the presence of business history in academic circles and society at large. The Congress welcomes all researchers interested in exploring “business” through a historical approach, including those from fields such as economic history, economics, business management, sociology, cultural studies, history of science and technology and so on.

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The General Theme of WCBH 2021:
“Business History in a Changing World”

We invite you to join us to discuss the “Business History in a Changing World” in the congress. As we enter the second decade of the twenty first century, several events and developments have tempered the optimism we shared at the end of the twentieth. While the rise of emergent countries challenged conventional thought, several crises have beset national and global economies in recent memory, including the financial crisis following the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the rise of neo-nationalism and populism, “lost decades” of economic growth, the fallout from 9-11, and Brexit, demographic transition, technological and climate change. Thus we welcome discussions on a wide range of topics and various dimensions of this “Changing World” from a business history perspectives.

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The congress is jointly organized by EBHA and BHSJ. EBHA was established at the end of 1994 as the professional body for individuals interested in the historical development of business and management in Europe from the earliest time to the present day. BHSJ was founded in November 1964, enjoying a membership of 257 in September 1965 and around 800 members today. The BHSJ has been active in encouraging exchange between Japanese and overseas scholars from its early years, including reaching out to scholars in Korea, China and Australia. Along with the Business History Conference (BHC), as the three largest associations of business historians, EBHA and BHSJ have initiated an international exchange of business historians across the world.

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